Weekly Recap #1

July 9-July 15

Monday: 5.5 mi (45:19) in Clifton Park. Set out to run for at least 40 min. at a comfortable pace. Felt good and stretched the loop a little longer. Running through the Shenendehowa campus got me thinking about my CP Track Club days when I ran for the pure joy of it. Trying to get that back! Also got me thinking about how the Shen coaches tried to get me to transfer there. How different a direction my life could have gone!

Tuesday: 2.1 mi (22:44) in Rensselaer with Ryan and the pup. It was hot. We took a walking break halfway. I love running with my little family.

Wednesday: Off.

Thursday: Basketball with Ryan. I know not running, but I told myself I’d run when the sun started to go down. Then we made a very tasty meal of cheeseburgers, corn on the cob, and sweet potato fries. I didn’t feel like running with all that in my belly.

Friday: 3.22 mi (28:15) at 10 a.m. HOT! Knew I was going to be miserable so just wanted to run for at least 20 min. Almost melted away to nothing.

Saturday: Off

Sunday: Off

Total: 10.82

Foot holding up great. I’ve been trying to just listen to my body and be patient. Every week it’s improving. I want it to stay that way. The planting and jumping on Thursday bothered it a little, but nothing alarming. I’ll leave you with a picture of Thursday’s sunset ’cause sunsets are pretty.

Sunset from Ridge Road


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