Weekly Recap #2

July 16-July 22

Monday: 3.8 mi (31:41) in Clifton Park after sunset. Still pretty sticky. Felt like the Michelin Man today. Didn’t help I was wearing a white top. Choked on a bug. Got attacked by beetles. Legs felt a little blah. Too much good food over the weekend.

I don’t claim any rights to this photo.

Tuesday: Okay, so I was going to run and then I decided to take Carl to the Normanskill. We walked around in there for bit and he enjoyed getting wet and blowing bubbles in the water. In case you forgot, it was also a million degrees out and I think I got too hot ’cause later, making dinner, the room started spinning and I was like “whoa, honey, you may have to finish dinner.” It was all good though ’cause after eating some peanut butter and a carrot I started feeling better. But, I wasn’t about to get all hot again and risk heat stroke/puking up my dinner (the real reason) so I didn’t run. The hubs and I got Klondike bars instead and watched a movie.

BTW, this is Carl. Cool as a cucumber on the other side of the pillow.

Wednesday: 4.1 mi (34ish) in Clifton Park, again. Immediately followed by about 30min of ultimate frisbee, the only bit of speed work I can handle at the moment. I felt like the sludge I’ve been eating lately. PROPER FUEL IS IMPORTANT. Need to go grocery shopping. *Later at night* foot just a smidge sore.

Thursday: Off (precaution)

Friday: Off (Ryan and I planned to run at the Corning Preserve. Then, I immediately fell asleep on couch and he didn’t try and wake me.)

Saturday: 4.25 mi (36:08) in CP. We were up there a lot this week. Mom unexpectedly made a big dinner and I ate it all and then ran afterward. I’m never doing that again, but I’ve said that in the past. Oh, and I got a surprise in the mail today! 3rd place in my age group earned me a medal! Thank you, Evelyn, for kindly mailing my prize.

Who’s pumped for the Olympics??? I am.

Total: 12.15

Ultimate Frisbee made my foot flair up just enough that I don’t want to push it and run more/week than I’m running. I’m considering doing some cross-training this week. It’ll be helpful to see how the foot responds to that and it could be a good way to gain fitness, but I strongly dislike gyms and my bike is barely functional.

Psalm 46


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