Weekly Recap #3

Monday: 3.1 (27:30) + GS workout. The threat of storms kept me close to the house and doing odd loops at the end to add on time. I was hurting something fierce though. Just happened to run 5k distance. It’s odd how bad I’ve been feeling. Hmm.

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: 2.1 mi (18:02) Relaxed. Easy. Everything felt good. Just started to get warmed up, but since my foot felt good and I felt food, I decided to call it quits as a precaution.

Thursday: 30 min. “hill” workout on an elliptical + GS workout. Yep. You read that right. I faced my fear and got on the same elliptical that wounded me back in March. Never was a person more cautious than I was using that machine. It was a good workout, but I’d rather be outside.

Friday: 31 min. with Carl at the Corning Preserve. Probably went just shy of 3 miles, but that’s pushing it a bit for my sprinter/jumper of a dog. Still building his endurance. Took two walking breaks since it was pretty warm. Pulled a giant tick off of the pup. Gross. My fault for having us run in the grass next to the path. I felt great since I didn’t run right after eating a big meal. 🙂

Saturday: Off

Sunday: Off

Total: Let’s say 10-ish for the week.

Watching the Olympics gets me so pumped to workout and we haven’t even gotten to the track and field/marathon events (my favorite, duh). Friday night a few of us got together for an Opening Ceremonies party. We all had to bring a different dish from a different country, which we randomly picked out of a hat. I drew Brazil and an entree so I brought Brazilian Chicken and Rice minus the olives because who likes olives? It was yummy.

Keep an eye out for my tentative racing plan coming out this week. Also, I’ve been thinking about becoming a falconer since me and the hubs saw a birds of prey show the other day. Not really. But, I thought this guy was pretty cool.


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