Weekly Recap #4

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 31 min. (3-ish mi) First 24 min. with Ryan then finished up with a few laps around a short track in East Greenbush. Easy run. Foot a little sore.

Wednesday: 35 min. on elliptical +GS workout. 30 min. hard. 5 min. easy cool down. Got my heart rate up.

Thursday: 30 min. on elliptical.

Friday: Carl and I went for a walk at the hottest time of the day. Whoops. Wouldn’t normally count that as exercise, but we both got so hot I decided that it should count.

Saturday: Off (walked around The Great Escape all day)

Sunday: Off (with a 4 hour nap)

Total: Eh…? Only 3-ish miles of actually running 😦

Can you tell I backed off a lot this week?

In Olympic distance running news…Galen Rupp earned the silver medal in the 10k, just behind his British training partner, Mo Farah. Fun fact: It is the first time an American male has won an Olympic medal at that distance since Billy Mills shocked the world in 1964.

It’s like it was a big deal or something


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