Weekly Recap #5

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 10.3 hilly miles on bike. I forgot how comfortable my bike is. Not. I haven’t ridden it since my days on Ackerman Ave. It felt good to be back on my trusty steed even with his crumbling seat and squeaky breaks.

I can’t remember the combination to my lock. Whoops.

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: 4.6 miles on bike with Ryan. Hilly. We parked in the library parking lot even though we weren’t using the library and it felt so rebellious I almost couldn’t handle it.

Friday: 9 miles on bike with Ryan. Flat. Still made me tired.

Saturday/Sunday: Partying it up in Allentown, PA where I found a little piece of home.

It’s an antique! I don’t think The Rensselaer Valve Company exists today.

Weekly Total: 23.9 miles of biking, 0 miles of running 😦

Turns out, not running for a bit made my foot feel better. That being said, my tentative race plans are proving their tentativeness. I’m already scrapping the idea to run in the Southern Saratoga YMCA 5k mostly because paying $25 today to possibly take a few steps backward in recovery doesn’t seem worth it. I can just go out and do that for free. I’m disappointed, but not  that disappointed. I think I was a smidge too optimistic to think that a week off would take away all aches and pains. Two weeks, though, now we’re looking good!

Look out for some thoughts on the Olympics coming later this week. I know the wait will be tough, but enjoy the week anyway! 😉


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