Weekly Recap #7

Two weeks ago, I was feeling sorry for myself something awful and indulging in Oreo flurries wasn’t helping. No running. No biking. I was in the midst of waiting for my foot to get better. Again. Have I gone to the doctor? Uh…funny thing about that. I’ve taken on another last name, but I haven’t left my roots behind. In my family, we’re always trying to convince someone to go to the doctor while simultaneously refusing to go ourselves.

I have to tell a story because it sums us up. Calling you out, Mom! One day, I was kicking around the yard while Mom trimmed the front bushes with an electric hedge trimmer…She says, “Ouch.” No exclamation. Shuts off the trimmer and walks in the house. I stopped doing whatever it was I was doing and watched her go in the house, unconcerned, but I had that feeling I better go investigate. I follow the sound of running water to the kitchen. She could have been washing dishes. She was that calm. Approaching her from behind I asked, “Mom? Are you okayYYyyeeech! What happened?!” Peering around her, I saw that the sink was full of blood. Whatever she was using to stop the blood wasn’t stopping it. She asked if I could go get her a towel. I scampered back and forth trying not to get too worked up, but somebody had to be concerned since Mom wasn’t. I had to CONVINCE her to go to the urgent care and I insisted on driving (I had my permit at the time). Turns out she almost cut the tip of her finger off, but a few stitches kept it intact. She probably has a different story to tell you, but trust me, getting my mom to doctor is the hardest thing in the world. She could be missing a fingertip if it wasn’t for me. Love you, Mom! 🙂

Getting me to the doctor is pretty tough, too. Ask the hubs. He’s been telling me for awhile now to get my foot checked out again, but I keep thinking that it’ll be okay in a week. Just another week… This is it though. Really. Next Monday, if my foot is still bothering me, I’ll call the doctor. Internet, keep me accountable! I did run for 15 min. twice this week and my foot really wasn’t sore. Just a twinge or two during. Little victory? Maybe I don’t have to go to the doctor? 😉

In the last two weeks, God gently convicted me about my attitude for which I am thankful (conviction isn’t always gentle!). Satisfaction in Him is sweet. Sweet. So sweet. Running doesn’t compare. Not coincidentally, as the Lord drew me closer to Him, I was filled with peace about a lot of different things that were weighing on my mind. In the last two weeks, he also gave me a job! It’s running related so even though my own running isn’t happening, I get to help others and be a part of the running community! Exciting. Exciting.


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