Weekly Recap #8

I’m sorry that my weekly posts became bi-weekly, but I will go back to posting at least once a week. The start of the school year is always tumultuous for me. It takes a couple of weeks to get my brain back in thinking shape. I also started my new job and it’s wonderful. I’m learning a ton, but part of that learning process is realizing that there is so much to learn. I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time and I feel like a burden to those training me, but they are kind and patient. I’ll be in training for awhile so I can only hope that at the end of it I will feel much better than I feel now. Until then, I’m going to keep scribbling notes in my little notebook and try not to mess up too badly!

How’s my running going? Not too shabby. I’ve laced up my shoes a couple of times and gone out with the hubs. Running together is great (I pretend he’s having as much fun as me) and so far, September has been beautiful and perfect for running. It’s cross-country season after all! I haven’t worried about pace or length of runs. It’s been great. Just running to run and enjoy each other’s company. My foot has been feeling better, too. No need to call the doctor. I don’t think. We found a flat, gravel trail about 10 minutes from our place so we’ve gone there a couple of times and it’s been good for our feet. Any ideas for soft trails in the Albany area? I want to avoid concrete sidewalks and other hard surfaces as much as possible. I should mention that we aren’t fans of the Pine Bush, even though many runners go there, so suggestions other than there are welcome. Although, if you can make a good argument in defense of it, I’ll consider it. We’ve experienced firsthand the high tick population there. I know ticks are everywhere, but I think what makes that place “globally unique,” so called by the website, also makes it the perfect tick environment. Be warned.

One of the best things about my new job is that I get to hear people talk about their running all day. It’s also one of the hardest. Being injured and coming back from it challenges all runners of any level. Coming back from injury is a lot like being a new runner and there are many mistakes that can be made. Check back later in the week for my list of common mistakes runners make that I’ve observed/been guilty of over the years.



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